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The Facility

CrossFit Gateshead is an exceptionally well equipped gym with highly qualified, experienced, motivational coaches. It’s an ideal environment for anybody looking to improve their fitness, strength or athletic performance. We have specific equipment that you will struggle to find anywhere else in the North East. Please get in touch to arrange a visit to find out more.

Facility and equipment overview:
Over 4000 square foot of training space
Male and Female changing rooms, toilets and showers
800m dedicated running track
4 Assault air bike’s
6 Concept 2 rowing machines
3 Concept 2 ski erg’s
3 Watt Bikes
6 Olympic Lifting Platforms each with a squat rack
2 Flat benches
10 x 20kg Olympic lifting Barbells
10 x 15kg Olympic lifting Barbells
2 x 10kg Olympic lifting Barbells
3 x 7kg Olympic lifting Barbells
Over 1200kg of Bumper Plates 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg
Fractional plates from 0.5kg – 2.5kg
Kettlebells from 6kg up to 32kg
2 Sleds with pulling straps
Various size and weight tyres
2 GHD Machines
15 foot long, 15 foot high callisthenic rig
12 varying height pull up bars
4 high ring muscle up stations
6 ring dip stations
2 x 15 foot climbing ropes
Plyometric boxes
Medicine Balls from 3kg to 9kg
Gymnastic Paralletes
Varying strength resistance bands
Fully equipped dedicated mobility area
Foam rollers, Rumble rollers and Crossover Symmetry set
Chill out and coffee area!!!


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Crossfit Gateshead